Meet the people and companies behind Twenity

Twenity is a joint venture between two exceptional companies from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Design studio IlovarStritar and software development company Neolab first thought of it as a showcase project, demonstrating the possibilities of graphic design and technology, but since then, Twenity has become so much more, and we are very happy about how it's evolving. And since so much hard work was put into the service from all the people involved, it's only fair to give them and the two startups a bit more exposure. Ok, fair enough, a higher Twenity score.


IlovarStritar is a design studio, focused on developing visual identities for companies, brands and events. Until now, they've received multiple awards for their work. Here they are in person:

IlovarStritar Design Studio


Neolab is a company specialized in developing software for the most complex of business models. They've also received quite a few awards for their achievements, so they obviously know what they are doing. All thanks to a great team:

Neolab Software Development

Promotion much?

These two companies are currently financing Twenity on their own, and a bit of shameless self promotion won't hurt that much. So, if you're looking for awesome services (as you can see in the case of Twenity, our combined effort yields even better results) or just want to talk a bit, don't hesitate to give any of us a shout. Or buy a promoted badge, that could work too. :)

Twenity Social Game

Date: Mar 28 2012